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Ellingson Companies is a third generation, full service, construction company.  Since 1970, we have been committed to providing only the finest quality workmanship and service that can be found in the construction industry.  We believe that a quality product begins with quality employees.  This is why Ellingson Companies emphasizes hiring only the most qualified employees with the highest standard of integrity.  This fact, along with our continual commitment to staying well informed of the latest industry technologies ensures our commitment to provide you, the customer, with the best product available. 

We begin each project with detailed engineering combined with an accurate cost estimate specific to your project.  Ellingson Companies delivers on-grade, on-time work with a focus on conservation and strong ecological standards that help us "Leave it Better" than we found it.   We also provide you with scaled computerized “as-built” drawings of your project when your project is completed.  To prove our commitment to quality, we carry a five year warranty on our workmanship.

Ellingson Companies has an extensive list of personnel with over 35 years of experience.  Our crews take pride in their work and install items with the utmost accuracy and quality.  All Ellingson employees are required to complete proper training courses to ensure our project sites are organized, productive, and most of all, safe for all personnel on site.

Ellingson Companies believes in the benefits of the “Design–Build” construction process.  We have built our company around this concept since 1970 and have taken great pride in streamlining the process.  If changes are necessary, the Design–Build process makes them timely and cost effective because we will be working directly with you, the customer.  This method of construction has been proven to be more cost effective and faster than the public bidding process, and also provides a more satisfying final product for the customer.

Ellingson Companies uses a number of different computer programs to aid in the design and construction of each project we build.  Our designs are performed in house with Auto CAD, ArcView, and various other software packages, including some that are custom built.  In addition to our design software, Ellingson Companies makes use of other computerized technologies such as scheduling, cost tracking, and accounting packages to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.  Our project personnel ensure that all project specific tasks, such as scheduling, material procurement, and construction documentation, are completed timely and accurately, and communicated directly to you.  These steps help to keep your project on track and minimize, if not eliminate, costly down time.

Through our 40+ years of working directly with our customers, we have come to understand the importance of minimizing the impact of construction for our customer.  This impact becomes most evident when building projects are in and around developed properties, which is an area of extensive experience for us.  Ellingson Companies has developed modified installation methods and custom built equipment to keep this impact to a minimum.

Whatever requirement that your project may entail, Ellingson Companies is confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations.  Whether it is an intricate farm drainage design and installation, a precise directional bore, or an entire waste water treatment plant, Ellingson Companies will provide you with an end product that we will be proud to put our name on. 

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Our Mission

To provide innovative, high quality construction services that provide solutions for our customers.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in design-build solutions that increase our customer’s value

Our Values

Innovative, integrity, hard work, value, commitment to get the job done, quality, teamwork, accountable

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