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Ellingson Companies is a third generation, full service, water management contractor that specializes in farm drainage, trenchless technologies, and commercial septic construction. The company’s roots date back to 1970 where we were focused on the design and installation of farm drainage projects. Over the next 20+ years we worked on streamlining this “Design – Build” concept even before it was coined as a mainstream construction term. Between 1970 and 2000 the company experienced significant growth, both in size and diversification, which led us into the “trenchless age." We have been able to take the diverse knowledge and procedures developed through trials and tribulation in the field, and apply them not only to our farm drainage business, but incorporate them into our growing Commercial Septic division. It is this diversity and extensive knowledge that sets us apart from other construction companies. 

Please take a trip with us through the years:

1970 - Ellingson Drainage is founded in West Concord, MN.

1971 - Ellingson Drainage purchased laser guidance and a high speed trencher for tile installation.  Permanently changed from clay and concrete drainage tile to longer lasting, higher quality plastic drainage tile.

1976 - Ellingson Drainage purchased our first tile plow.  Transitioned from installing tile using the trenching method to installing tile using the plowing method.

1979 - Ellingson Drainage, Inc. formed.

1989 - Ellingson Drainage purchased our first computerized mapping system, AutoCad design system and a Total Station leading to more efficient and more accurate design.

1997 - Ellingson Drainage built our current 18,400 square foot facility in West Concord, MN.

1999 - Ellingson Drainage became Ellingson Companies.  Ellingson Companies purchased our first directional drilling machine and installed our first commercial septic project.

2001 - Ellingson Companies expanded and opened an office in the Red River Valley.

2003 - Ellingson Companies installed our first gas line utilizing the plowing method.

2006 - Ellingson Companies started installing tile projects exclusively using GPS coordination in the Red River Valley.

2008 - Ellingson Companies opened a new 18,400 square foot Red River Valley facility in Harwood, ND.

2009 - Ellingson Companies expanded our West Concord, MN complex by buidling a new 24,000 square foot shop, storage and office facility.

2010 - Ellingson Companies entered into the Cured in Place Pipe Repair (Sewer Line Repair) business.

2011 - Ellingson Companies acquired CNR Contractors allowing us to expand our services into the cable and telecommunications industry.

Historical farm drainage equipment photo

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