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Serving our customers nationwide.

Trenchless solutions, agricultural drainage, and more in North Dakota, Minnesota, and throughout the United States with Ellingson Companies

The experience of our project managers, engineers and operational managers allows us to serve a wide array of industries throughout North America including construction services in Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, and more! Through a process of project evaluation, planning and execution Ellingson Companies presents the ability to successfully complete the most challenging projects. Ellingson and their family of companies is proven to have the capabilities to serve your needs.

Industries We Serve


Agricultural drainage solutions designed to deliver optimum root growth, higher, more uniform yields and an overall increase in the value of your land.
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Oil & Gas

Ellingson Companies offers a full range of capabilities to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers within the Oil & Gas Industry.
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We deliver underground pipe relining, pipe rehabilitation, infrastructure management and the installation of new pipes regardless of complexity.
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Power & Telecommunications

Our trenchless experience has allowed us to fulfill a unique niche within the Power & Telecommunications industry with problem solving methods for difficult installations.
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Water & Wastewater

We utilize a wide range of trenchless methods that allow new utilities to be installed with minimal impact, disruption and frustration. Saving our customers money, time, and resources.
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