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Drainage Design & Engineering

State of the art GPS & software technology.


Drainage Design & Engineering in North Dakota and Minnesota

Ellingson Companies provides drainage design and engineering in Minnesota, North Dakota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout the Nation

Ellingson Drainage has been designing drainage systems for over 40 years.  This knowledge allows us to engineer the best system in the industry.  Ellingsons Engineering team uses state of the art GPS and design equipment, including proprietary Ellingson Drainage Design Software (EDDS). Our team of on staff professional engineers and agronomists are dedicated to staying up to date with current industry trends, continuing education and drainage best practices. All of our drainage systems are custom engineered to deliver maximum performance and yield increase.

Our Engineered drainage plans take into account the following farm characteristics:

  • Soil type
  • Soil particle analysis
  • Salinity
  • Topography
  • Customer objectives
  • Outlet locations
  • Desired spacing
  • Drainage coefficient
  • Lift station requirements
  • Watershed issues
  • Local design specifications
  • EC Mapping

The Benefits of Drainage Design & Engineering

  • Correctly handle rainfall events (1/4” 3/8” etc)
  • Ensure tile is sized properly to handle the amount of acres drained
  • Correct lift station sizing to remove water fast enough to prevent crop damage
  • Correct material selection to make sure system does not have issues due to fine or difficult soils
  • Soil identification to ensure proper drainage spacing
  • Properly meet environmental issues such as permits, erosion, wetland setbacks, etc
  • Develop main elevations to identify deep installations that may require overcuts
  • Ensure correct material take-off quantities
  • Develop tile main and lateral design grades to ensure proper drainage

GPS & GIS Surveying

Ellingson Drainage and their team of experienced surveyors will work to survey your field using GPS & GIS technology. The data is seamlessly incorporated into the Ellingson Drainage custom mapping system. This technology provides you with a customized map and site specific data configured to meet your needs and the maximum performance of your field.

Maps and Soil Analysis

Images of Maps Soil Analysis, FSA Map etc.

Incorporation of existing drainage systems

Profile view

Cut Sheets, Tile Plan, Etc.

Video of design calculating

Ellingson Tile Plan for Farm Drainage

Drainage Coefficient and Why It Matters

Calculators / Pro’s and Con’s
To explain difference ¼” to 3/8”

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