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Lift Stations

Take charge of where you send your excess water.


Lift Stations in Minnesota and North Dakota

Ellingson Companies provides lift stations in North Dakota, Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout North America

Lift stations are generally used on flat topography land without an adequate outlet for your drainage system to drain into to. It allows you to maintain proper water table depth on your drain tile or to reach low areas in your field.

Ellingson Companies offers the best turnkey system that is cost efficient and dependable for all your drainage needs.

Whether you are hiring Ellingson Companies to install a lift station on your farm or you are buying from our retail department your Carry pump will be backed with a 1 year warranty and a 10 year warranty on your sump and lid.

Carry’s Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersible pumps are an economical solution for high-volume, low-head flow applications.  The Carry line offers single pumps with the capacity for 50 to 1,450 GPM at 2 to 25 feet of total dynamic head.  These pumps are also efficient and economical in parallel use for larger volumes.

Carry Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersible pumps employ axial-flow lift.  Smooth, low-vibration, and low-pressure axial-flow lift is more efficient than centrifugal force for low-head, high-volume pumping.  The simplicity of the axial-flow design is one key reason why Carry Stainless Steel Axial-Flow Submersibles are so durable.

Carry Submersible pumps are manufactured of all stainless steel components: investment castings, CNC precision machining, stainless steel fasteners, submersible cable and quality Franklin Electric Submersible motors.  The stainless steel construction means that the pumps are corrosion resistant and will not rust, making them longer lasting and more durable than conventional cast iron pumps.  The water lubricated submersible motors contain no grease or oil for easy maintenance and no contamination.  Carry pumps are economical to operate.  Standard applications cost just pennies a day to operate.   The pumps are available in vertical or horizontal versions, single or three phase, a variety of horsepower and voltages to meet the unique needs of your application.

Steel sump tank with an advanced poly coat to endure weathering for generations.   With the strength of steel you have the ruggedness you will need for those tough and unstable installation conditions.���� With our lift stations tanks, you have the option to have a tank customization to perfectly fit your project or special design needs.

Our lids accommodate a single and double pump setups. They are galvanized and come with built in cradles to hold and tightly secure your discharge pipe. They can also be pre-ordered to your dimensions to fit your lift station needs.

The ability to monitor the daily operations of your lift station pump without site visits saving you time and money.  Power and pump failure alerts will notify you via email or text.  Remote monitoring can give you peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.

Ellingson also offers all your pump supplies needed to install your project.

  • Pump retail pricing
  • Sump
  • Lid
  • Pumps
  • 10hp,7.5 hp,5 hp, 3 hp ect

Call 888-527-2294 for special package pricing!

Our experience includes drainage, sub-irrigation, specialty drainage, controlled drainage, and drainage engineering. When you work with Ellingson Drainage you will always receive:

  • Professional survey – Ellingson Drainage and their most qualified and experienced team will survey your field with the latest GPS/GIS equipment.
  • Engineered and custom design – Ellingson Drainage uses state of the art design equipment, including proprietary Ellingson Design software, and is prepared by a trained drainage engineer to design your system. Drainage plans are guaranteed to meet the designed drainage coefficient.
  • Professional Installation – Ellingson Drainage has been installing tile drainage systems since 1970. Ellingson Drainage utilizes best in class equipment and has the most experienced and trained installation teams in the region. Most importantly, Ellingson Drainage makes sure that all of our projects are installed “On Grade and On Time”.
  • Ellingson Guarantee – All Ellingson systems have a five year workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty on all materials.
  • Deliver Returns ��� A system designed and installed by Ellingson Drainage pays for itself within 3-5 years. A tile drainage system from Ellingson Drainage will increase your yields, profit, and property value.
  • Commitment

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