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Subsurface Irrigation

Ideal for benefits of Ag drainage & conventional irrigation.


Subsurface Irrigation in Minnesota and North Dakota

Ellingson Companies provides subsurface irrigation in Minnesota, North Dakota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout the Nation

Subsurface Irrigation at Ellingson Companies is an ideal solution for clients looking for both the benefits of agricultural drainage and conventional irrigation. A North Dakota and Minnesota Subsurface Irrigation design provides the grower with the flexibility to take advantage of all of the benefits of a properly engineered drainage system in addition to allowing them to supplement soil moisture content during critical growing periods by adding and holding subsurface water in the active root zone.

Through the use of control structures and supplementary water introduced through onsite irrigation water sources the grower is able to precisely manage the water table level. Subsurface Irrigation provides very distinct advantages over traditional surface irrigating such as water conservation, ability to irrigate irregularly shaped fields, reduced operating costs, and reduction in nitrate runoff.

As with Controlled Drainage, Subsurface Irrigation is most applicable on topography with less than 0.5% slope and in geographic regions that regularly experience extended dry periods or irregular precipitation patterns.


  • Overall improvement in soil quality
  • Reduction of nitrate loss
  • Limited maintenance
  • Irrigate irregular shaped fields
  • Cuts down on weed growth and germination
  • Reduces soil crusting
  • Consumes less than 50% of the water compared to traditional pivot irrigation systems


I Chose Ellingson Companies as they were local, had a great reputation, and the sales person was extremely personable and knowledgeable.
-Paul F., AG Drainage Customer
Ellingson Companies is very reliable and does exactly what they propose. Ellingson Companies delivers on what was quoted, completes the job on time within budget, and maintains the pumps after the fact to ensure that my drainage solution is working at capacity.
-Russ M., AG Drainage Customer
Ellingson Companies has been great to work with. Their experience and size of their operation allows them to get a project done on time and very quickly. Ellingson’s has the ability and bandwith to get the job done efficiently.
-Jay N., AG Drainage Customer

  • Commitment
    On grade, On time and we mean it! We deliver on our commitments in the most honest, accountable and ethical manner. We provide an accurate installation timeframe and follow through as promised.
  • Excellence
    We don’t just sell you a tile project. Everything about your farm is unique and that requires partnering with a drainage contractor that understands your world. Our highly trained team of designers, agronomists, surveyors, and installation technicians strive to never make compromises that sacrifice quality, value, or safety. We treat your farm like it is our own.
  • Innovation
    You don’t farm the same way that your grandfather did nor would you. You need partners that are committed to continuous development, cutting edge technology and sharing of drainage best practices that contribute to your success. Let our team of in house experts provide you with a solution that puts your farm on the cutting edge.
  • Service
    We’re a third generation company serving third generation customers. We dedicate ourselves to delivering a satisfying customer service experience that exceeds your expectations.

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