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Infrastructure Management


Do you know the condition of your underground utilities?

Ellingson Companies Infrastructure Management (EIM) provides visibility to the underground infrastructure within your facilities. EIM is a highly customizable analysis that provide practical ideas and strategies to plan for improvement by pro-actively addressing issues before they occur. Our team of engineers and professionals are well versed in all aspects of underground water, sewer and storm sewer pipelines. The process begins with a condition assessment to accurately identify the quality of the infrastructure. Next, the EIM team will work to develop an engineered plan and present this information to the client. A project analysis will then take place to review the assessment, surveys, GIS Mapping and implement a rehab plan before expensive failures occur.

Condition Assessment

  • Interview with Facility Manager to identify past failures and future needs.
  • Review and/or Develop GIS Mapping of the Sanitary and Storm drainage Systems
  • Inspect Infrastructure by Cleaning, Televising and recording each component

Engineered Plan

  • Review televised data and grade infrastructure based on its viability
  • Compile an interactive Condition Assessment Report
  • Prepare Improvement and Maintenance Plans

Project Analysis

  • Review Assessment, Surveys and GIS Maps with property management
  • Educate property manager how to efficiently leverage the Condition Assessment report and Maintenance Plan to control future expenses associated with the infrastructure.
  • Review the Improvement Plan and make cost efficient recommendations for sewer, water, and storm sewer infrastructure utilities through directional drilling, trenching and various other methods


Upon acceptance of the project analysis:

  • Ellingson Infrastructure Management (EIM) team will assign a Project Manager and Superintendent, Prepare Repair Plan and Specifications for the project around the unique needs of the facility.
  • Coordinate repairs between the facility manger, Utility companies and EIM Staff
  • Schedule future consultations based on Condition Assessment Report and Maintenance Plan

Cost of Waiting

  • Unscheduled Downtime
  • Lost Production and Revenue
  • Emergency, Disaster Repair Costs
  • Increased Construction Costs

Don’t respond to emergencies. Avoid them.


I know this might not seem like a big deal, but thank the crew for always keeping the work areas clean and organized with mall workers and tenants coming in. It was nice to not have any comments or complaints from them.
-Kevin W, General Growth Properties
Ellingson’s worked with me to minimize downtime for my commercial clients and other tenants attached to the same sewer system. The Ellingson team completed this on a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning before 10 AM with no disruption to those 8 businesses involved. In addition, this pipe lining solution allowed me to avoid ripping up a completely finished Pilates studio, a bathroom and a finished changing room. It would have taken me weeks to get the space back to normal, considerable cost and downtime for those businesses. My tenants were amazed at how clean and easy the whole process was.
Curt R., Commercial Property Owner
The short notice to prepare for the work that was required, the extremely long days, and despite several setbacks, your team {Ellingson Companies} was able to maintain the schedule even with two additional unplanned drain repairs. This is a show of admirable work ethic and is very much appreciated.
James K., Nestlé Nutrition

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