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Line Repair (CIPP)

Trenchless Cured In Place Pipe Repair.


Commercial sewer line repair (CIPP)

Ellingson Companies provides line repair (CIPP) in Minnesota, North Dakota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout the United States

Ellingson Companies‘ Cured In Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) has been a proven to repair pipelines since 1999. CIPP is one of the most widely used pipeline rehabilitation method amongst residential homeowners, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants and food processing plants. Ellingson has the capability to repair existing pipelines ranging in diameter from 3 inches up to 60 inches.

The Line Repair (CIPP) Process

The existing service is first cleaned and inspected with a mini inspection system. A measurement of the lateral length is taken. The CIPP process is completed by inverting a resin saturated PVC coated polyester liner into the existing pipeline. Once in place and properly inflated the PVC coated polyester liner is heat cured with hot water, cooled and cured.

The lining system utilized by Ellingson Companies is the most effective way to fix cracked or broken pipes.

Perma-lateral trenchless pipelining system

Line Repair (CIPP) Capabilities

  • Installing pipe diameter size from 4-in. to 12-in.
  • Inverts through 1 access point
  • Inverts through 22’s – 45’s – and sweeping 90’s
  • 4-in. to 6-in. transition liners
  • Special order liners
  • 3 temperature rated resins
  • Reinstate services without digging with robotic cutter
  • Liners can be inverted horizontal or vertical as needed
  • Can be used on low pressure services

The Benefits of Line Repair (CIPP)

  • Little to no excavation
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Limited shut down time
  • Increase flow efficiency
  • Bridge missing pipe sections
  • Stops root intrusion
  • Stop infiltration/ex-filtration
  • Cost effective
  • Reinstate services without digging
  • Strength strong as sch. 40 PVC pipe
  • 50-Year warranty manufacturer warranty on materials


Todd kept me informed of how the project was progressing and took steps to properly ventilate to keep the dust and smell to a minimum. The entire crew was outstanding.
-Josh C., Trenchless Customer
Ellingson’s worked directly with me to minimize downtime for my commercial clients and other tenants attached to the same sewer system. The Ellingson team completed this on a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning before 10 AM with no disruption to those 8 businesses involved. In addition, this pipe lining solution allowed me to avoid ripping up a completely finished Pilates studio, a bathroom and a finished changing room. It would have taken me weeks to get the space back to normal, considerable cost and downtime for those businesses. My tenants were amazed at how clean and easy the whole process was
-Curt R., Trenchless Customer
I know this might not seem like a big deal, but thank the crew for always keeping the work areas clean and organized with mall workers and tenants coming in. It was nice to not have any comments or complaints from them.
-Kevin W., Trenchless Customer

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