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Pipe Bursting

Extremely cost effective solution.

Ellingson Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting in Minnesota and North Dakota

Ellingson Companies provides pipe bursting in North Dakota, Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout North America

Pipe Bursting is an extremely cost effective solution for infrastructure rehabilitation. The pipe bursting process is a trenchless method of replacing or upsizing failing, outdated or undersized infrastructure. Ellingson Companies understands that the use of fusible pipe material for your new infrastructure will help you eliminate infiltration, roots and leaks on gravity and pressurized systems.

The Pipe Bursting Process

The pipe bursting process utilizes existing infrastructure as a guide for the installation of the new pipe with little or no disturbance. Pipe bursting replaces the existing pipe by a pneumatic hammer or static pulling head through the failing pipe. The existing pipe is then broken and displaces the surrounding soil allowing the new pipe to follow in place, all during the same process.

For upsizing, size on size and one size increase are most common. With proper investigation, larger upsizes can be achieved.

Pipe Bursting is completed through three major steps:


Pipe Bursting Step 1

Step 1: Bursting Rod Installation and Machine Setup

Pipe Bursting Step 2

Step 2: Dig pipe launch pit Install Cutter Depending on Pipe Type and Attach Pipe

Pipe Bursting Step 3

Step 3: Burst Existing Host Pipe and Install new Product Pipe

Pipe Bursting Capabilities

  • Pipe diameter up to 54-in.
  • Runs of 1,000-ft. or more can be achieved
  • Manhole to manhole (sanitary or storm)
  • Block to block (water main)
  • Materials: Cast iron, Concrete, PVC, Truss, Corrugated pipe, D.I.P., Clay, RCP, Asbestos cement

Pipe Bursting Upsizing Capabilities

Illustration courtesy of TT Technologies, Inc.

The Benefits of Pipe Bursting

  • Reduces need for excavation
  • Minimal public disruption
  • Decreases overall restoration costs
  • Ability to upsize pipe diameter

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