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Pipe Plowing

Minimal impact installation method.

From small diameter cable or conduit, to large diameter gas mains, Ellingson Companies offers a minimal impact installation method through static plowing. Ellingson has the capabilities to install pipe up to 14 inches in diameter and unlimited lengths without obstructions. Ultimate customer satisfaction and successful project completion are a top priority for Ellingson. Our team of in-house design experts and engineers ensure that our equipment is engineered and fabricated to allow for accurate placement of piping through pipe plowing without surpassing the manufacturers recommendation.

Pipe Plowing is an effective method for the installation of main line natural gas distribution main line replacement and extensions, as well as telecom cable and conduit.

The Pipe Plowing Process

Pipe Plowing is a trenchless method utilized for the installation of pipe or cable. The pipe or cable is installed by pulling a plow blade through the ground allowing us to reach depths of 7.5 feet of cover on the pipe as well as installing tracer wire and marking tape in synchronization if required.

Pipe Plowing Capabilities

  • Plow pipe up to 14-in. in diameter
  • Without obstructions length of plow run is unlimited
  • Up to 7.5-ft. of cover
  • HDPE, Gas Main, Water Main, Force Main, Conduit & Dewatering

The Benefits of Pipe Plowing

  • Significantly faster than traditional open-cut methods of installation
  • Less time and cost for restoration
  • Safer than traditional open-cut methods
  • Ability to easily install through wet conditions


Ellingson’s sales staff are the utmost professional to work with. Their bids are detailed and thorough. Ellingson has been fully able to understand the project by conducting their own site visits to ensure that their bid is represented correctly. Their field installation crews are well versed on the projects and often require very little or no guidance to accomplish their tasks.
-John O., Trenchless Customer
Ellingson was a great company to work and we will definitely keep them in mind for the next one.
-Brent S., Trenchless Customer
I know this might not seem like a big deal, but thank the crew for always keeping the work areas clean and organized with mall workers and tenants coming in. It was nice to not have any comments or complaints from them.
-Kevin W., Trenchless Customer

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