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Safety above all else. Zero Injuries Goal.


Zero injury is goal.

At Ellingson Companies, we take our role in ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and the general public very seriously.  We comply with safety rules and regulations, work safely, wear and use safety equipment as appropriate, and keep our work areas organized and clean.  We have an active Safety Program including a number of components which are continually assessed for improvement in order to keep everyone focused on working safely in everything we do.

Leadership Commitment

The leadership team within Ellingson Companies have agreed that they are committed to the key commitments noted below.  Many participate in the Company’s Safety Committee, and all are held accountable for the safety of the work site, 100% completion of daily Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA), conducting incident investigations, and recognizing or disciplining employees as necessary to promote the highest level of safety in the workplace.

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Ellingson Key Safety Principals

Safety Committee

Ellingson Companies maintains a Safety Committee in order to provide structure and assign responsibility for carrying out safety programs.  The Committee’s objectives include:

  • Promote safety with all employees.
  • Develop a positive and cooperative safety culture.
  • Allow employees to voice safety concerns.
  • Distribute the responsibility of safety across a number of individuals.
  • Encourage strong interaction among various areas of the company.

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Safety Training

Ellingson Companies provides internal and external training throughout the year to ensure both new and seasoned employees are aware of hazards in the workplace and clearly understand the safety precautions that are required and expected of them on a consistent basis.  Many employees have completed OSHA-10, SafeLand Training and are certified in CPR and First Aid.  Zero injury Goal is a priority at Ellingson Companies everyday.In addition, annual on-site refreshers related to trenching/excavating, confined spaces, hazard communication, lock-out/tag-out, proper use of personal protective equipment, blood borne pathogens, and other topics are mandatory for all production and shop employees.  The Company’s Training Manager, Transportation and Safety Compliance Manager and Human Resources and Safety Director collaborate with production and shop leaders to make sure training needs are addressed.

Our Safety Programs On and Off the Jobsite

Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Meetings.

Prior to beginning active work each day, production and shop leaders assess the work environment and then relay important information to all employees.  They pay close attention to less frequent work procedures and any hazards that may be prevented.  All employees are engaged in the discussion to ensure full comprehension and retention by everyone.

Weekly Tool Box Talks

The Company’s  Transportation and Safety Compliance Manager collaborates with other Company leaders to develop and distribute specific topics for review and discussion by production and shop employees – as well as office employees as appropriate – on a weekly basis.  These cover a wide range of topics and are a valuable tool in the effort to refresh employees on important safety procedures and precautions.

Investigation of and Learning from Incidents

Company leaders investigate every incident involving either personal or vehicle/equipment damage to determine the root cause.  Any necessary procedural or other changes are swiftly made to ensure the same incident is not repeated.  Information learned from incidents and near-misses is shared across the organization.

Safety Recogition and Incentive Program

Production and shop employees, including those in leadership positions, are recognized for safe behaviors and participate in a Safety Incentive Program, the details of which change from time to time.  The Company firmly believes that positive reinforcement is the best method for encouraging safe behaviors at all times from all employees.

Employee Handbook

The importance of safety is addressed throughout the Employee Handbook which is reviewed with new employees.  All employees receive periodic refresher training on one specific section titled Health and Safety which covers the following topics:

    • Safety Responsibilities
    • Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction (AWAIR) Program
    • Safety Suggestions
    • Safety Practice Rules
    • Hazardous Materials – Right to Know
    • Workplace Security
    • Smoking
    • Fire Prevention
  • What To Do In an Emergency
  • Forklift Operations
  • Lockout / Tagout
  • Handling Materials
  • Avoid Injuries Through Proper Moving Techniques
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Incident Investigation and Analysis



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