Pipe Bursting and Slip Lining

Pipe Bursting and Slip Lining are two extremely cost effective solutions for infrastructure rehabilitation needs.  Both technologies use existing infrastructure as a guide for installation of the new product, saving time and money.  

Pipe Bursting replaces and/or upsizes the existing pipe by winching a pneumatic hammer, or static pulling head, attached to the new pipe through the failing existing pipe.  The pipe bursting process breaks the existing pipe and displaces the soil, allowing the new pipe to follow in place.  

The Slip Lining process creates a new carrier pipe by pulling the new pipe through the existing infrastructure with little or no disturbance. 

Ellingson Companies understands that the use of a fusible pipe material for your new infrastructure will help you eliminate infiltration, roots and leaks on gravity and pressurized systems.  Utilize Ellingson Companies experience and expertise in Pipe Bursting and Slip Lining to fix and replace your existing failing infrastructure.

Pipe Bursting

  • Pipe bursting reduces excavation, minimizes disruption to the public and decreases overall restoration costs
  • Pipe bursting can be utilized in nearly all existing material types including but not limited to:
    • PVC
    • HDPE
    • Concrete Pipe
    • Ductile Iron
    • Steel
    • Clay
    • ACP

Slip Lining

  • Slip lining causes minimal disruption to the current site, reduces excavation and decreases overall project costs
  • Slip lining projects can be completed quickly due to the utilization of existing infrastructure
  • Nearly any existing pipe material can be utilized with the slip lining process

Slip lining in Minnesota and North Dakota

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